Brad MacDonald                                 October 27, 2010
Ward 2 & 8 Public School Trustee

Make Kids First


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Why School Trustee?

I have traveled to many places around the world and lived abroad, with my work; and through that travel I have been exposed to many different public and private educational systems. I bring that diverse experience with me, passionate that we all must work to preserve our first class Public Education system; not just that it survives, but flourishes for the sake of our children and Canada.

Seven years ago, I put action to my words and took 66% of the vote to be elected the Trustee for Ward 8, again in the last election had a resounding 79% support of my work. I wish to continue my role as Trustee and look forward to your support to achieve our shared goals.

Make Kids First

As a School Trustee and father, I feel strongly to "Make Kids First".

In all that I do, I put our children at the forefront to ensure that decisions are made to promote the best available education and guarantee that students in the Peel School system will flourish within the financial constraints imposed by the Provincial Government, "Making Kids First" is my mandate!

Demand same Provincial Funding as other School Boards

Each student in Peel is under funded by $800 compared with the Provincial average. Toronto School Board receives an addition $1,150 per student, which translates to an annual shortfall of $170 Million and which, makes our students second class citizens both in the Province and our next door neighbour Toronto. As School Trustee, I have been a strong advocate and will continue to demand the same provincial funding that other School Boards receive.

What does this under funding translate to?

  • Long wait times to have our children's needs assessed
  • Not enough computers in the classroom
  • Out-of-date computers
  • Insufficient textbooks and teaching tools
  • Fundraising required to meet library and classroom needs
  • Inadequate maintenance levels on our older schools

Demand fair Special Education funding

The Peel School Board is the lowest-funded board when it comes to Special Education. Our High Needs Funding is the lowest of all boards at $300 dollars per student - with the average at $600 dollars per student. Being a member of the Special Education Advisory Committee, I work hard to help our children with the greatest needs, advocating for the fair funding they deserve.

Make our schools safe for learning

I will continue the mandate to make our schools safe for learning. I want parents to be confident that their children are protected. See School Safety in Accomplishment Section for details of my work!

Push forward renovation of our aging Schools

Peel has undertaken a renewal program with a budget of $100 Million for our aging schools. The schools in Ward 8 have an average age of 20-years.

I will continue to advocate on behalf of our schools for equitable renewal funding. This renewal applies to repairs as well as upgrades wtih the latest energy saving technologies. I will continue to demand from the Provincial Government our fair share of funding for school renovation.

Reduce class sizes

I will continue my great progress of reducing class sizes from 24.5 in 2003 to 20.5 students as of 2006. Now all our classes in Primary are at or below the primary class size of 20.

Improve our EQAO scores

I will continue to improve on the great progress made over the last 3 years for EQAO Provincial Testing. Wards 2 & 8 are leading the way to excellence for the Peel School Board through innovative and passionate educators. Refer to the EQAO Section for details of our exceptional performance.

However as well as the Ward is doing, there remain definite challenges that certain school are facing and which require improvement. As Trustee, I have addressed and will continue to address these challenges and do my best to get the resources and attention necessary get the best education for all our children in the Ward.

Continue to reduce the portables in our schools

I have removed 11 of the 13 portables from Ward 8 Schools. In Ward 2, there are only 4 portable. My goal is to remove all remaining portables from our schools. Portable has come a long way from the mold infested versions 25 years ago, however, having everyone in one building and environment is the best way to have the school work together.



The combination of Ward 2 and 8 in this election brings new challenges and opportunities for me as Trustee. My record over the last 2 terms (7 Years) in Ward 8 speaks to the effort I put into my community. I believe our education system is very important. First and foremost, my role as trustee is to advocate for you the parents of our wonderful children.

School Consolidation

On the horizon for the next term, both Ward 2 and 8 will see possible consolidation of a number of our schools. Having the years of experience working with our communities and Peel School Administration, I bring the best possible voice to the table to ensure our community gets the optimal solution and plan for the future. See CONSOLIDATION of SCHOOLS Wards 2 and 8, below for more details.

Declining Enrollment

The south are of Mississauga has been in severe decline over the last 5 years. The school board has setup a taskforce to examine the decline and identify the changes required to safeguard the long-term future of our education system. You have already experienced what decline means for our schools: less programming options, more split grades, less staff in the office, less sporting activities and clubs - the list goes on. Working with the Taskforce, I will continue to fight for our community to get the best possible education.



In the 2009 Annual Planning Document released in November listed the following schools below the 60% Occupancy. This will trigger a consolidation review in 2010, if they schools continue to below the 60% threshold.

  • Willow Glen Public School ( Ward 2)  - 171 FTE
  • Clarkson Public School (Ward 2)        - 105 FTE
  • Westacres Pubic School (Ward 2)      - 137 FTE
  • King's Masting Public School (Ward 8)  - 152 FTE
  • Brookemede Public School (Ward 8)     - 243 FTE

FTE - Full Time Equivalent

With my track record as a Trustee and experience working with our community, I am the best person to work with our community to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.



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