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Make Kids First


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"Make Kids First"

As a School Trustee and father, I feel strongly to "Make Kids First".

In all that I do, I put our children at the forefront to ensure that decisions are made to promote the best available education; and guarantee that students in the Peel School system will flourish within the financial constraints imposed by the Provincial Government. "Making Kids First" is my mandate!

Improvement to Schools

I have worked with the School Board and School community to improve our schools through the planning and creation of new schools and additions to our existing ones.

Schools   Opened
  • 2003 - Ruth Thompson Middle School
  • 2004 - Artesian Drive Public School
  • 2005 - Oakridge Public School
  • 2005 - Oscar Peterson Public School
  • 2006 - Stephen Lewis Secondary School
School Updates Completed
  • 2005 Erin Mills Senior Public School
  • 2006 Oakridge Public School (Early Years Hub)
  • 2006 Credit Valley Public School
  • 2008 Sawmill Valley
  • 2008 Brookmede
  • 2008 Garthwood
  • 2012 SawMill (Major Addition)
  • 2013 Erin Mills Senior Public (Major Addition)
  • 2013 White Oaks
  • 2014 Garthwood (Major Addition)
  • 2014 Brookmede (Major Addition)
  • 2014 Homelands
Updates in progress
  • 2014 Hillside (Major Addition)


21st Century Teaching and Learning

My job in the private sector is driven through technology, so it was only appropriate that I would lead the charge to give students access to technology in the classroom, since students are already our technology leaders. The success and innovation by staff and students at every grade level has been truly astonishing from it's introduction only 2 years ago. Our vision is have technology to be a normal part of the classroom experience while providing new strategies and engagements in learning.

There is so much great things on this subject, please review of the great documentation available on the Peel Website:

Over the next term, I will work hard with our schools and board to ensure equitable access to technology to ensure everyone will be a 21st Century Leaner.

School Safety

My first priority is to have a safe learning environment for our children, an environment which allows them to flourish to the best of their abilities. I want parents to be confident that their children are protected.  I work with the School Board and all schools to ensure Board policies are followed and reviewed. In addition, I work with parents and school councils to review these policies to determine if improvements can be made.

Key items implemented

  • All Elementary schools now have front door Camera Access

  • Visitor sign-in and identification requirement (Badge)

  • Staff Identification Badges

  • Locked school doors during in-class hours

  • Police and Principals working together to coordinate safety protocols

  • Street Proofing presentations to our children by the local Community Officers

  • Information nights by the Community Officers for parents concerning gangs, drugs and child violence.

All Day Kindergarten

Brookemede and Thornlodge were the first All-Kindergarten programs in the Ward 2 & 8. Since then we have full day kindergarten implemented across the school board in many cases, additions and renovations were required.

Oakridge Readiness Hub

One of my proudest accomplishments was working to establish the Early Years Readiness Hub at Oakridge. This program introduced 8 years ago in Peel, provided 4 communities the opportunity to prepare both parents and children for the transition to school and parenthood. The establishment of the Hub with the fantastic work provided by the Peel Staff and Administration has proven to be a wonderful asset for the Oakridge Community.

Class Size Reductions

Elementary class sizes have been reduced from an average size of 24.5 students 3 years ago, to approaching 20.5 students. During my previous term, my goal was to achieve the class size reduction to 20 by 2007 which we accomplished. This change as you may have been aware, has lead to many split grades in the smaller schools, an unfortunate outcome of the initiative which has been passed on to the Government.

Elimination of Portables

In my first term, I worked with our administration to remove 5 Portable. During my last term, 6 more portables were eliminated, leaving only 4 in Ward 8 (Credit Valley). Unfortunately over the last 4 years challenges have been faced with the explosion of French Immersion which now represents 25% of all Grade 1 students. These pressures and the implementation of Full Day Kindergarten has meant portables have returned to some site. I have been working hard with the school board to find solutions and over the next term we should see most of the portables removed.

Advocate of Parents

I have worked as a Parent Advocate to ensure each child receives the highest level of education available in the award-winning Peel School Board. I have found through experience that each child's needs are different. It is therefore imperative to keep this focus when making any decisions concerning their future.


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